Thursday, March 18, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Welcome to another Things I Love Thursday!  It seems like I just wrote my previous list yesterday.  This week just FLEW  past!  Here is what I have fallen in love with this week!

Photo Credits:Joseph Valenti
The convention: I keep going on and on about it, but it was SO MUCH FUN!  I have only gone to 1 convention a year since 2004 (my very first trip to an anime convention, Tekkoshocon) and it has always been in the spring.  A while after the convention, I have this "Con High" where it is really one of the few things on my mind.  I love going to it and meeting new people.  It is a great experiance even if you aren't into anime/video games.  The people who go to these conventions are really nice, creative, and they think rather differently (in a difficult to describe way, but it is a good differently).
Photo Credits: Scotty
Sleep: A basic human need has never been more loved.  This is also convention related because every day was really long.  I would wake up really early and get to bed far too late.  I was running on approximately 12 hours of sleep for the entire convention.  The beds at the hotel were extremely comfortable and I did NOT want to get out of them in the morning ::melt::

The Weather: Spring is finally here!  I can go outside without a jacket!  I love the warm weather.  There are a bunch of people out in the quad of my campus playing music and having fun.  Spring has so much more energy, it seems like, because it is the first time in months where people can go out and do stuff.  People get excited and it is so cool to watch!

Lunch Dates: So I have been trying to have lunch with a friend of mine for weeks, but our schedules never seem to work out.  Today was the first time in over a week that we have seen each other.  We went to one of the campus dining halls for lunch and ran into a TON of people we know.  I even ran into my friend Joe, who is a totally awesome physics major former tech-junkie.  I got to hang out with him for the first time this semester (last time I saw him it was November).

New Apartment: Today I will be putting a security deposit on a new apartment.  It is about half the size of my current place, half the rent, and I can have a kitty,  There are some downsides to it (little storage space and no bathtub, just a small shower), but the landlord is the nicest guy I have ever met.  I think things will even themselves out and everything will work for the best.

Hair accessories:  I bought some new headbands.  They are both black and totally cute.  One is a giant (and I mean GIANT) lacy bow and the other one is a mini top hat (with a really cute beading detail).  I also found my teal newsboy hat this morning (it fits better than I remember).  They are a really good way to distract from bad hair days!  Cute AND functional!

So that is it for my list this week.  Is there anything you love?

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