Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Apology + upcoming events

I am so sorry for taking so much time off. I have been swamped with classwork and, since I want to graduate, takes a bit of precedence.  Aside from class work, I have been busying myself with a lot of other things.  I have an anime convention coming up in 2 weeks.  For me, that means making a bunch of stuff to sell and rehearsing for a concert.  I am so pumped about this con.  Don't worry, I will post lots of pictures and other goodies.

Thinking of the upcoming anime convention reminds me of cosplaying and Japanese street fashion.  A few months ago, I found the cutest hakama shorts EVER!  Hakama are traditionally worn by men when they are practicing/competing in martial arts OR on formal occasions (hakama are the mens version of kimono in this case) as well as shrine maidens.  Japanese lesson for the day!

I also think about how I used to be good at certain video games.  I used to play DDR all the time, but moving to college and having bad knees prevents that.  I am now working on being good at fighting games, but my Irish temper gets the better of me and I usually break down and cry (thinking about it, it is funny, but I don't see it as such while I fail at killing certain enemies).

My artist table is going to have even more merchandise than last year.  I have expanded what I make and am working on building up inventory.  My table is a mess because of one project or another, but it is TOTALLY worth all the fuss.  My boyfriend helps where he can (it was originally his idea to get an artist table anyway), but he isn't as crafty as me (and he admits that my ability to crochet is like magic).

This year is going to be exciting also because I will be putting on a concert.  Not having too much time to prepare, I can only perform a few songs, but I will TOTALLY make them count.  I have been listening to Japanese music for many years and I have wanted to be a professional singer for years.  Now is the time to see if I even have what it takes.  I am so nervious and excited about this that my heart is racing!

The guests they have are pretty cool too.  Last year, they had Steve Blum.  STEVE BLUM!!!!  He has done too many voices to even think about.  He puts up with so many fangirls and fanboys and makes the best of it.  AMAZING!

The best part about this convention is that my good friends Jason and Jenn Taylor are putting it on.  I absolutely LOVE these two (and their little girl is SO CUTE)!  They keep putting up with me despite all the hassling I do to them (I REALLY am sorry), and they are fun to hang out with.  I have never before got to hang out in the "Con Ops" room of a convention.

Anyways, I promise I will be better about posting.  I do like to post, so I really should find the time to do so. 

PS: I found so many apology pictures, but I couldn't get them too work.  BOO!!!

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