Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween in 3 days!

Happy Wednesday! So Halloween is closing in on us...and FAST! The other night at work, I had some people come in and ask me for some cheap, last minute ideas for some costumes. Well, I got inspired! Here are the things I came up with!

Homer Simpson: A recognizable costume. For this, all you need is an (over-sized depending on your body type) white shirt, blue pants, and a bald cap, and maybe some pillows (depending on if you need to fill out an over-sized shirt). If you don't have these items, they are easily found at thrift stores. Bonus points for either a can of Buzz Cola, or a can of Duff Beer (you can find novelty cans that have a deck of playing cards in them)

Philip Fry: Slightly less recognizable (Futurama wasn't as popular I believe), but just as easy to do. White shirt, blue pants, and a red jacket. Bonus points if you have a can of Slurm (same deal with homers cans) and/or the crazy orange hair.

Fairy (Girls): Froofy skirt (hot topic has really cute skirts in many colors), any kind of top (plain shirt, printed, whatever. I use my hot pink tinkerbell shirt), tights, and wings (threadbanger has an AMAZING tutorial for how to make your own if you don't have the money to buy your own. These are really cute and aparently, more durable than store-bought. I highly recommend this)

Fairy (Guys): green shorts and shirt. Really, just try to look as much like Peter Pan as possible. I would still recommend the wings because when people think of fairies, they think of wings.

Zombie: Zombies are pretty popular, so I figured why not!?!? Take a pair of pants and any shirt you own (make sure it isn't nice clothing that you would still want to wear). Cut some holes in them and toss them in the mud. You might also want to get some zombie make-up (seeing as how your skin looks too alive for a zombie)

A friend: This is for somebody who has none of the above available to them and literally no money (or somebody who was looking for an excuse to wear their friends clothes). This can be either for a guy or a girl (just make sure you can get the hair similar). Just raid a friends closet and put together an outfit that they would wear. Consider the pieces carefully and don't put things together your friend wouldn't. If you are a guy dressing like a girl, find some way to give yourself a chest (find a bra and lots of tissue would be my suggestion). Girls going as guys, find a way to minimize your chest (sports bras work great). If that is not available to you, then just wear one of your friends larger shirts (or a jacket over it).

Lolita: If you have the time/money, you can always make yourself a lolita dress. There are many styles, but I highly recommend looking on ebay for Chii costumes to get inspired. You can always keep t his in mind for next Halloween!

I hope this helps anybody who was stuck for ideas!


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