Thursday, October 8, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday everybody! So I have had a pretty exciting week recently. Wanna know what happened?

Squat Body Weight: When lifting, any time you can perform some kind of lift at or above what you weigh is calls for some kind of bragging rights. It's hard and proof that you are sticking to your work-out. It is usually a good time for a reward! Squatting isn't that hard to lift body weight (lifts for body weight usually fall in the following order: dead lift, squat, bench press/military press)

Dips with no counter weight: A slightly different, but still commendable achievement (especially for girls). I have been so close to being able to do this for such a long time. I can only do 1 full set like this (8 reps), but within the next week or so I should be up to both sets! YAY STRONG!

Japan Club: Last night Japan Club helped sponsor a sushi demonstration. We got to learn a bit of the origin, as well as health benefits of vinegar (it is seriously magic!). Afterwards, we got to eat as much as we wanted (and request more of the kind we like). I tried this one that was considered "ancient" because they used a different vinegar for the rice. It was hollowed out squid with red rice inside. The single most terrifying piece of food I have ever seen and it was rather tasty (no picture available...sorry)

Corn Mazes: This weekend, I am taking my loving boyfriend to his first corn maze. We are going with a few friends from work and afterwards, I think we are heading back to my place to relax. Then comes breakfast, with heart shaped pancakes!!! I am SUPER Excited!

Not being Depressed: My schools counseling center sponsered a depression screening. You walk up, fill out a form, and then talk to somebody about what you put on your form. The guy I talked to was really nice (and cute!) and was saying that I have few symptons of stress! It is so amazing! I thought I had higher stress levels, but I guess I deal with it well! So cool!

Getting my microwave fixed: Tuesdays and Thursdays on my school are pretty crazy. In addition to the depression screening, there are many other tables set up trying to get people involved in this or that. One table was for my apartment. The leasing manager/land lady was there so I got to talk to her! I keep forgetting to mention my microwave to her so I thought she wouldn't believe my story. Apartently, I am not the only one to have a malfunctioning microwave. It is going to be replaced for free! I can make popcorn again! YAY!!!

Going Home: I live an hour away from my home, so I don't go down there often (partly because I don't have time and partly because I don't want to). Garrett and I have a few things we need to do at our respective homes, so that means this weekend, we are heading down that way. For me, this means I can collect more shoes that are in my closet! There is also the added benefit of getting all my warm clothes and such...

Fall Break: Like spring break, but in the fall...and shorter. It's a mid-semester break for the brains of all the students to not fry and fizzle out.

PAULA-CHAN!!!: Paula was training at the Taco Bell I work at (she is a manager for a different one) and she is hands down the favorite manager of everybody...and I got her cell number. Now I can bug her whenever! It shall be AWESOME!!!

For the win. Yay middle cat!

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