Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

It is that time of week again! Has happiness been around you enough?

~International Dinner: My school hosts an international week through their international department. Every night, there is a different international event (one night has a fashion show where all the exchange students display traditional clothing from their home country). The dinner is the main event of the week, and what closes the week. Many of the international students make dishes from their home countries and we, as Americans, feast! There is such variety as there are many different countries represented! It was an amazing experience last year, and I hope it turns out to be just as awesome! It is still a bit away, but I can't wait!

~STYX/REO Speedwagon concert: ANTICIPATION!!! I am too excited for words about this! It has been a while since I have seen their band, but they always put on a great show! I am hoping I can go to a meet and greet thing because I have always wanted to hug Tommy Shaw!!!!

~Getting assignments done: This has been a very stressful week of class and work. I have had 2 tests announced and had many a due date...and all I want to do now is sleep (dispite the fact that I still have a few more assignments and a test to study for).

~Halloween: I didn't dress up much (or at all) throughout the month, but I still love the atmosphere of everything! I am not one for scary movies, but I did see The Shining for the first time ever this week (it freaked me out so much that I was shaking and refused to be alone for the rest of the night). I don't get to go to any parties or even dress up really...(I have work tomorrow and Saturday).

~Princess Raccoon: This is probably one of my favorite movies. It is an artsy Japanese musical about how a human prince and a racoon (tanuki) princess fall in love. It is bizarre and hilarious! It deffinatly is full of win!
~Random piece of information: Tanuki are Japanese racoon dogs. They are master shape-shifters who get their power from their enlarged testicles! Now go and inform those who would find this amusing!

~Napping: This week has been so exhausting! I have felt like I could fall alseep while work! Being able to sleep right now is the most heavenly thing I can think of!

~Paula: Paula used to be a manager at where I work. I found out where she lives and got to drink with her ealier in the week. It was amazing!!! She is so much fun to hang around. She even has this hilarious roommate (I would hit on him, but I don't know what his reaction would be since he is gay). I also found out that it is a bad idea for me to have 6 10% beers. It was a fun lesson!

~Heated seats: Garrett had to switch cars with his dad so he can have his car taken in for inspection and repairs. His dads car was this giant Jeep thing (I don't like large vehicles) with heated seats. I love having my butt be all warm and toasty while going to work/school/grocery store/wherever!

Thats all for this week. Stay tuned for various updates, posts, and maybe a new look (I am trying really hard, but I am no good at web design)


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