Monday, October 19, 2009

Tips for Dog Traning

My parents recently got a new puppy. Our previous puppy left this world back in June, and my parents felt their lives a bit empty. They felt that getting a new puppy was the solution (she will make an appearence this week, PROMISE)! I started thinking of how to train dogs to be good (I have seen many dogs that are not well behaved). This site offeres a lot of help for how to train a dog while making use of their instincts.

To break it down a bit, here is what I got out of the little bit that I read:
~Make the dog come to you when its hungry. Pup goes to its mom when it is hungry, so why should it not come to you? It is all about survival (it might sound cruel, but it's not)
~Crating a dog gives you pup a place to call its own (security), plus you get to keep your nice stuff looking...nice!

There is a lot of interesting information on that site. It doesn't offer much in the lines of nutrition, so here is a thread from somethingawful that is pretty comprehensive. It has a list of ingredients to avoid, ingredients you want to find, as well as brands that are considered good and bad for your pup. It is definatly worth the read!

My parents puppy will make her first official debut this Thursday (tilt!). You get to find out gender, name, breed, and see LOTS of pictures! YAY PUPPY!

Until next time!


  1. Aww i remember when my dog was a puppy, it hated being in the crate cos it was so lonely - now it sleeps with my parents on their bedroom!

    Looking forward to the puppy pics, and if you have time come and say hi :)


  2. I got my pughuahua aged 1 from a rescue home and my gosh is he a handful! I don't think he has ever been trained properly and it is sooo important!
    Good luck hunny.x

  3. These tips were stated to be good with rescue pets as well!

    I don't get to see my parents puppy as often as I would like. She is 12 weeks old and 17.5 pounds! She has gotten so big!

    Good luck with your puppy escapades!