Friday, October 2, 2009

Things I Love Thursday (another late one)

HAPPY OCTOBER! Here is my weekly Tilt list. It has been a rather exciting week for me, so I hope you enjoy!

October: It is now October. For me, this means a month of wearing Halloween costumes as regular clothing. I mostly stay with darker colors, but I will bring a pop of pastel and bright in too. Mostly, I wear a long cloak instead of a coat (it is surprisingly warm!) or cat accessories (I have 4 sets of ears, 2 matching tales, a choker collar with a bell, and fingerless glove paws). I love Halloween and try to celebrate it as much as possible!

Weight loss: I have been tracking my weight fluctuation all throughout the month of September. My goal was to loose 3 pounds. I lost almost 5 pounds. All was done in a healthy way, and most of it was from fat. Many pairs of jeans are now getting to be rather loose. Who wouldn't get excited over that?(...maybe somebody who is underweight to begin with, in which case it is dangerous...)

Fingerless Gloves: I have been crocheting myself a pair of fingerless gloves. The yarn is a variegated teal and REALLY fuzzy. It is sure to keep my arms warm on the chilly Autumn days.

New wallet: I got a new wallet from Clair's earlier in the week. It was on clearance and is purple and glittery. I needed a new wallet so I can keep better track of my cards (I thought I had lost my drivers license). Now, I know where all my cards are! YAY!

Job Fair: So my school played host to one of these yesterday. I brought in my resume and went to a few tables that caught my eye. Enterprise seems like the one I would like to go to the most. If that falls through, I can always go to another one in the spring. I also got to see a friend of mine there and spent a good bit of time discussing video games and anime. I am such a dork, but it makes life fun!

Fixing my bathtub: My bathtub hasn't been draining properly since I moved in (over a year ago...) so I finally looked up what I could do about it. Turns out it was an easy fix and the drain was clogged with a TON of hair (ew...)! I love being able to fix things! Girls, don't think that because you have a boyfriend that he is also a handyman. Take the initiative and figure out the problem and try to fix it!

Puppies: I have been seeing so many dogs around campus. It is unreal and adorable. I met a black lab puppy who was 12 weeks old. The TINIEST 12 week old lab I have probably ever seen. He was so energetic and playful, it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

New blog design: I have been working for a few weeks on how I want my blog to look. I can't afford to hire anybody, but I do have a friend who is an AMAZING artist. She draws everybody in "Chibi" form and it is SO CUTE! I can't wait for her new chibi of me to be done (or I may just use an older one she drew of me last year).

Wow, action packed week here (moreso than normal since I don't live the most exciting life). hope you enjoyed it! Same place, earlier time for next week!

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