Thursday, October 29, 2009

Home Remedies

Happy Thursday everybody! Today, I have some tips for how to feel better when your body is against you! I figured that these things happen to everybody and since these are all symptoms I am helping you treat, then this time of year would be perfect for it (seeing as how lots of people get sick this time of year). These are all things that an be easily done in your own home!

~Ginger Ale: Everybody knows that ginger helps an upset stomach. Ginger ale is what many people go right for when their stomach is angry. When ginger ale is nowhere to be found, however (at a restaurant or a convenience store), you can make your own! Just get Sierra Mist and Pepsi (or their coke counter parts). You fill the glass up mostly with Sierra Mist, then a splash of Pepsi, and you have ginger ale. I was skeptical of this at first, but I really found that this worked! Give it a try before you discount it.

~Baby Wipes: Immodium can only help so much when you have diarrhea. It helps in stopping it, sure. However, you are still left with the pain. Baby wipes are gentle and a better alternative to toilet paper (especially in this case). It really helps to take the pain away and isn't that expensive!

~Exercise: Light exercise gets your heart rate up and increases your metabolism. This means that whatever is making you feel ill will get processed faster! Exercise is also a good idea in general. Get in shape and fix a stomach ache? Sign me up!

~Vinegar: I was surprised to learn all the amazing things vinegar can do. This site has just a small list of things vinegar can do. It can also get rid of athletes foot, reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes, and reduce muscular fatigue. AMAZING! There are still more things it can do!

~Cinnemon: Similarly to vinegar, cinnemon is amazing! Here are just some of the things it can do!

~Sports Drinks: So anybody who has experianced a hangover knows how much it sucks! Hangovers are no more than severe dehydration. Sports drinks hydrate better than water alone. So, sports drinks will make you feel better. Also, don't use Ibuprofen if you have a hangover headache. Ibuprofen attacks the liver (in the same way aprin attack stomachs). Trying that could result in hospitalization.

Anybody else have home remedies that they swear by?


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